Farm Gate Style

Farm Gate Style
For many years, Five & Six Bar Field Gates were really only used for agrigcultural use, its now apparent to have field gate additions added to properties such as domestic, commerical business as well as agrigcultural use still widely used today. Very tradional style. Pressure treated (Tanalithe - green) Scandinavian Redwood. Hardwood versions available upon request (Iroko). We now supply seven different types of field gates to suite all requirements weather it be an economy gate or hardwood Yeoman Style, we have it here. Scroll Down:

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Albion Wooden 5 Bar Field Gates
The Albion Gate Ideal for farm, field or forestry, the Albion gate is bot..
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Economy Wooden 5 Bar Field Gates
The Economy Field Gate Our Economy 5 bar wooden gates are framed, ledged and braced, also bol..
Hampton 5 Bar Field Gates
The Hampton Gate Simple but rigidly structured, the Hampton gate has its own characteristic c..
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Marlow 6 Bar Field Gates
The Marlow Gate (6 - Bar) This is a variation on the Hampton pattern with one extra rail..
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Universal 5 Bar Field Gates
The Universal Gate On the larger sizes of the universal, the double cross bracing give t..
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Wealdon 5 Bar Field Gates
The Wealden Gate   The Wealdon Gate stands our from the crowd with it distincti..
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Yeoman Wooden 5 Bar Field Gates
The Yeoman Gate This popular design also know as the Raised Helved Gate with its extende..