Garage Door Framework Kits

Garage Door Framework Kits

Framework Kits (Made to suit any opening)


Our Framework kits are made to measure to suit any opening required (within reason).  The kits are made up of 70mm x 70mm timber sections (as standard) and for extra heavy and large doors we do offer a bigger section (if required?).  Supplied with pre-cut finger style joints to the top corners,  meaning you simply push the 'already made' joints together and bolt into your existing opening.  We can adapt the framework kits to suit any opening, i.e. brick, timber, pre-fab and carports.  These also include the door stops/jams (supplied over-length ready to be trimmed to suit on site).  We always 'mark up' all timber sections, so everything is self explanatory upon installation making the install go smoothly.  We can also provide the relevant amount of wall fixing bolts (if required? - please advise upon order).  The wall fixing bolts we supply (as optional extra), enable you to simply drill a 8mm hole into the masonry, and wind the bolts in using a socket set or driver (no rawl plugs required!).  It's recommended to drill a 10mm hole into the timber so the thread does not bite to the timber (see wall-fixing bolts here).  Framework timbers are supplied in a smooth untreated fashion to match our garage barn doors range. 

For prices, please email us the existing brick to brick opening sizes giving us the Height first then the Width.  If the opening is not sqaure, then we advise providing the smallest measurements which will allow the frame to be squared up inside the opening and packed out (any gaps afterwwards can then be filled with cement, silicone etc - depending on the situation or course.


 Helpful Tips

* When the framework is in position, bolt one side only,(upright and level), and then hang one door.  Then square one the opposite door is hung, swing the bottom of the frame to suit the first door so everything aligns up true to one another.  Then add the final wall fixing bolts to the frame once you are happy the doors are in-line with once another..  This useful method creates a better accuracy of alignment and saves any guess work as is used quite regularly by installers for ease.

* Remember to use a flat blade drill bit (if using the wall fixing bolts), so the head of the bolt can be inset for a neater finish, and does not protrude from the frame itself or touch the side of the doors.

* If the doors are intended to open outwards? then the hinges MUST go on the outside, 'otherwise' inward opening means the hinges are positioned on the inside.


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