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Closeboard Gates

This is a very popular gate throughout the UK and some parts of Europe also known as the feather edge style.  We provide two types of closeboard gates (see below), at any size you require - Made To Measure. One being the standard Ledged & Braced (L&B), and the other and most popular choice (Heavy Dutier) Framed Ledged & Braced (FLB).  The Framed, Ledged & Braced is the most popular, and is a much more sturdier gate as the frame consists of mortice & tenoned joints for that extra strength and durability.  We are well known for the manufacture of our FLB Closeboard Gates due to competitive prices and quick turnaround.  The cladding used is 100mm (4")  sawn feather edge boards.  The frame is of smooth finish on both types. Supplied pre-treated brown (Tanatone) or Green (Tanilith'e').  This has now been upgraded (May 2019) to a newly improved design with 95mm rails throughout for that more sturdier and robust feel.

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