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Palisade Gates

Here you will find smooth finished Palisade styles gates which are based on a fully morticed and tenoned frame for that extra strength and durability. Unlike Fully Cladded gates, these gates give more wind proof protection as the hit and miss style palisade (pickets) allow the wind to breath through. Chamferred/Rounded edges for elegance and character.  With a made to measure service we have now made life easier for you to choose any gate you wish and have it made to your required size. If you have another design you cannot match from this website, please don't hesitate to email us a simple sketch with measurements and we will be happy to quote you. All of our smooth Palisade gates are supplied untreated ready for you to stain to your desired colour (except the Palisade gates in our standard/budget range. Hardwood options also available - please contact us for a quote. If you intend to use a stain, then we highly recommend applying Sikkens HLS (for the base-coat), followed by Sikkens Filter 7 for the additional top coats, using a good quality brush and following the grains of the timber gently.  This proven formula does not only help protect against water and fungae, but also against the UV rays, which is equally important for external timber. (Do not spray) and allow good drying times between each coat for best results.  From previous research and experience, we have found to be the most competitive as regards to price for Sikkens products, however we always recommend shopping around just in-case you manage to find cheaper elsewhere ?? you maybe lucky!  If you intend to finish with a coloured paint, we recommend to apply a spirit based stain prior (making sure the timber preserved) to applying the paint covering.

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