Types Of Wood

All our gates are supplied in a soft wood, but we can manufacture them in a hardwood of your choice. Below we have the types of hardwood we can manufacturer our gates from.  Sapele is our most popular hardwood giving a beautiful reflective shine on the grains and is great value for money.  We can manufacture our products from other hardwoods which are available in the market, but it is upto the customers descretion to keep them well maintained to ensure the quality and purpose of the product(s) purchased provide a longer lifespan.


Iroko African Mohogany Utile

A plain, pale yellow to light brown coloured wood with little distinction between sapwod and heartwood, although the later is somewhat darker in colour.

When this wood is  freshly cut or machined, the heartwood is yellow in colour but will quickly darken to a golden brown colour on exposure to light.

The heartwood of utile is pale pink when freshly cut, darkening on exposure to reddish-brown. It closely resembles sapele both in appearance and properties, but is more open to texture.

Meranti - Dark Red European Oak Sapele

The sapwood is significantly lighter in the colour and very distinct from the heartwood which is red and brown, and darkens to a dark red. Grey coloured narrow streaks are often present on longitudinal surfaces.

The sapwood is much lighter in colour than the heartwood which is a yellowish brown. When quarter sawn, the surfaces show a distinct silver grain figure. This is due to the broad rays. This is standard amongst European Oak

The sapwood is pale yellow or whitish, the heartwood is pink when freshly cut, darkening to the typical mahogony colour of reddish-brown. Characterised by a marked and regular stripe, pronounced on quarter sawn surfaces